Danielle {KNEE} Estefan

Danielle Estefan, known by many under the pseudonym “Knee”, is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Miami, Florida. Danielle specializes in multiple services including illustration, character design, brand identity, and publication/editorial layout. 

She spent a lot of her childhood drawing, crafting, making mix tapes, video gaming, and being outdoors.  Early influences that persist to this day include graphic design, street art, film making, animation, manga, video games and music. Formally trained in Graphic Design, she is self-taught as an artist with skills in many different mediums. Her illustrations have appeared in various galleries, murals, and commercial work.  

History + Press

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Michael {MEFX1} Estefan

Michael Estefan also known as MEFX1 , is an environmental graphic designer, artist, illustrator, doodler, video artist, bedroom composer and retired vandal from Miami, FL. 

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